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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 16, 2017 3:00am-3:31am GMT

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my name's mike embley. our ton stories: — freedom party. another set—back for a british marine commando who shot dead a wounded taliban prisoner and the secrets of one of the world's greatest artists. a newexhibitinn'irrttmdtm‘l
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will have the most seats, easily beating the anti—immigration within a couple of hours of polls closing, mark rutte was ready ié'éfliéigi mi gévfiflliéf/é?” ,, ,, , ,, ,, , w his parfr'fiakssetg 1-2) was i the mtwns‘r—é't was § the highest in 30 yea rs. still be by far the largest party ifi eee fiufef eefheqef" ~ '—~ — —— w —— 19,4949 mal all those people at all those polling stations casting their vote. how great??? if m, chose to reject. luigzgggifil, i
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kind of populism. m translation mm of the process. that is a welcome outcome for other eu nations. a statement from the congratulated the dutch people for stopping the rise
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of the far right. the president of the european commission said it was a vote for europe and a vote against extremists. and the german foreign minister called the result a strong signal for the future of europe. another standout from the election is the rise of the pro—immigration green party. with their young leader, they are on course for the biggest gains of the night. no question about the biggest loser. the dutch labour party looks to go from 38 seats to nine. the biggest collapse in dutch political history. several weeks of negotiations are now expected before a coalition government is formed. regardless of the outcome, this result keeps the netherlands committed to the eu
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